Hot: Sony talks a bit about their plans in 2012!


I really don’t speak japanese so I have to rely on google translation tool to read the following document: That magazine contains an interview with Sony. And here is what we can expect in 2012:

1) Smaller NEX lenses: Sony confirms what we have reported here on SonyAlphaRumors some time ago. There is a new NEX lens roadmap and it includes smaller lenses (yeah, pancakes!).

2) 100 Megapixel sensor: Sony can do a 100 Megapixel sensor. Now I guess this doesn’t necessary mean there will be a camera with such a sensor. It will be more a “look at my muscles Canon” statement :)

3) electronic shutter: This is a big news and very important technology. I bet this is coming for real at Photokina 2012!

Sony also confirms that the next FF cameras will be SLT (electronic viewfinder). Japanese readers may help me to get a full translation of the text? Thanks!


Sony USA accepting NEX-7 orders! Review conclusions from LL.


You can now buy your NEX-7 body only at SonyStore USA (Click here). UPDATE. No more preorders yet! It will be shipped to you in mid-late January. I have been told that also other Sonystores in Europe will soon ship their first NEX-7 cameras and accept new preorders. And curiously, this will only happen with the body only version. The full kit will not be available until late February! And the first NEX-7 on [shoplink 10708 ebay]ebay sold for $3.245,00 (Click here to see it)[/shoplink]!!! Yeah, and that’s body only :)
Luminous Landscapes published their final NEX-7 verdict (Click here) and the following statement explains why people pays that crazy price for a NEX-7: “I’ll start this conclusion chapter with my bottom line summary. The NEX-7 is the most exciting camera that I’ve had the pleasure of using in the past five years.

Full NEX-7 preorders list.These are all search links. Some stores may not have the NEX-7 for preorder at all: [shopcountry 8454].


Soon you will see a NEX-5n sensor without AA filter.

[shoplink 8452][/shoplink] The Sony NEX-5n sensor

If you were wondering what the already amazing [shoplink 8452]Sony NEX-5n[/shoplink] sensor can do without AA (Anti Aliasing) filter you will soon get the answer. Ricoh will release a new GXR M-mount module which features exactly the same NEX-5n sensor but with removed AA filter. A wonder if there will be any  major difference!

Links to the AA filter page on Wikipedia (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N Studio Sample Photos at Photographyreview (Click here).
Sony NEX-5n direct shop links to [shopcountry 8452].


First NEX-7 on eBay (someone tries to get rich). NEX-7 manual for download. First NEX-7 books.


Someone is trying to make some extra money by selling the [shoplink 10708 ebay]first NEX-7 camera on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. I am curious to see how much people is willing to spend for that camera! My guess is that the final price will be around $2100 (almost double the official price!).

Some other news: You can download the full NEX-7 manual at (Thanks Richard). And the very first NEX-7 books are coming out in January/February. At Amazon Germany (Click here) and is written by Michael Nagel. And at Amazon US (Click here) a book written by David Busch.




POLL: Select your future A77 firmware upgrade must have features.


It’s time for you to select the most needed new features and fixes that should be implemented in future A77 firmware upgrades. I summed your requests and tried to make an easy overview of your suggested changes. You guys gave a terrific long list of new features and bug fixes (Click here to read your comments). I choose to sum the display your most requested only because otherwise the list would have become incredibly long. This is not a scientific test! It should only give a very general idea about what Sony should do more urgently.

So while almost all you features and bug fix suggestion were interesting let’s vote the ten only of them that Sony should absolutely do now!

Do you like the new Sony A7III ?

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Reminder: The A77 is out of Stock in almost any store. Preorders search links at [shopcountry 8461].

One more private note: By the time you are reading this I am starting my three days mountain trip. I will stay between 2500 and 3500 meter for two nights. I don’t know if I can have Internet access with my iPhone in these days. I scheduled a couple of news that will get online between now and Sunday. Hope to come back alive ;) I am writing this because some comments awaiting for moderation will need some time to be approved. Plus emails can be answered on late Sunday only.




50mm f/1.8 for NEX release delayed til mid February! (But available in Asia)


The european and american release of the new 50mm f/1.8 lens for NEX has been delayed til mid February. Many Sonystores (like Germany) are now reporting the new availability date. But the lens is already in Stock in asian stores like Amazon in Japan.

BHphoto still says the lens will be available in December but Sonystore USA sent the following note to current 50mm preorders: “We would like to inform you we are experiencing a delay with your Sony order. The following item SEL50F18 has been rescheduled to ship on 03/02/2012.