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October 29, 2010
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Two good news for UK: Tokina 11-16 lens now in UK and Sony VAT cashback

Two good news for UK citizens. The new Tokina 11-16 lens for Sony is now coming to UK and there is a Sony VAT cashback action for you:
You can read a Tokina (Canon mount) review at Photozone. Yes it is an extremely good lens!

This lens is already in Stock in US at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto (Click on store names to check the price).

Press Release:
Tokina 11-16 lens now available for Sony users

Kenro has announced the popular Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX lens is now available with a Sony fit.
Previously, this ultra-wide angle lens was only an option for Canon or Nikon owners, but now Sony users will be able to take advantage of the AT-X 116’s fast f/2.8 aperture which is designed to give better results in low-light situations.
The AT-X 116 PRO features Tokina’s exclusive ‘One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism’ that allows the photographer to switch between AF and MF simply by snapping the focus ring forward for AF and back toward the camera to focus manually. This allows for a fast and easy manual over-ride in difficult lighting situations.
This lens is based on the award-winning AT-X 124 PRO DX (12-24mm f/4) lens, the new AT-X 116 PRO DX has a slightly shorter zoom range to maintain optical quality at wide apertures. The optical system of the lens features a new multi-coating system that helps to reduce reflections that can cause flare and ghosting.

October 26, 2010
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(SR1) Crazy rumor: Speculation of an Apple Acquisition!

Let’s post a crazy rumor: Reuters reports that Sony Corp’s stock rose nearly 3 percent on Tuesday due to reports of a possible Apple acquisition of Sony! Sony spokeswoman Sue Tanaka said: “We cannot comment on rumors or speculation.” But analysts who follow technology downplayed the likelihood that Apple would chase Sony — or any other major acquisition.

Imagine a Sony Alpha camera designed by Apple! Just dreaming, it’s not going to happen ;)

Via Macrumors

October 25, 2010
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(SR5) All future Zeiss lenses will be fullframe (3-4 new Zeiss lenses within 18 months!)

According to SonyAlphaRumors sources Sony and Zeiss just defined the future lens strategy. All future Zeiss lenses will be Fullframe. There will be no more Zeiss DT lenses (like the Sony 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T DT Zoom Lens). I also know that there will be at least 3-4 new Zeiss lenses during the next 12-18months. One of these should be the 200mm f/2.0 lens. Reminder: Zeiss made the Aposonnar 200mm f/2.0 for Contax (you can find them used on eBay). The lens itself will be cheaper than the Nikon 200mm f/2G ($4,799.00 at Amazon right now).
We need to doublecheck the rumors we received about the next Zeiss lenses. If you know more about the future Zeiss lenses please contact me using the right form on the sidebar or at Every little help helps! Thanks!

Those are the current fullframe Zeiss lenses (Click on store name to check price and availability):
– Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens (Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto)
– Sony 24mm f/2.0 Distagon T* lens (Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto)
– Sony 24 -70mm f/2.8 Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T Zoom Lens (Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto)
– Sony 85mm f1.4 Carl Zeiss Planar T Coated Telephoto Lens (Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto)
– Sony 135mm f/1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar T Telephoto Lens (Amazon / Adorama / BHphoto)

P.S: Just my two cent. I would love see a new wide fast Zeiss lens, the 28mm f/1.4 or/and the 35mm f/1.4 :)

October 20, 2010
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(SR5) Sony A77 coming mid 2011 and with a completely new 24 Megapixel sensor!

Finally I can share you some info about the future Sony A77 which came from our very trusted sources! I remind you that this is a rumor and not an official info from Sony. The rumor is rated with “SR5” (SonyRumor) because I do believe there is an 80-99% chance the info we post here are correct! A second reminder: My native language is not english…a preventive “sorry” for all errors ;)

The rumor:
According to my sources Sony has chosen to use a completely new sensor for the upcoming professional SLT (Translucent) camera. The sensor will have 24 Megapixels but don’t worry, I have been told the noise performance of the sensor is equal if not better than current 14-16 Megapixels Sony sensors used for the NEX and A33/A55 cameras. It will feature the highest resolution APS-C camera on market (The Canon 7D is on top with the 18 Megapixel sensor). The Sony A77 will be released by mid 2011 because Sony needed time to develop an almost perfect camera. There will be many innovations (Paul Genge of Sony UK said that “this camera will include such high specification features that current A700 owners will be amazed“). It will have an improved BIONZ processor (based on the current A33/A55 processor), micro af adjustment and record 1080/30p, 720p60 and 720p30 (But we can’t exclude last minute improvements like 1080p24). I also do know that Sony original plan was to release the A750 with Optical Viewfinder but I don’t know yet if Sony will indeed bring that prototype to the market (let’s say there is a 50% chance).

If you want to share rumors (anonymously) contact me (Andrea) using the contact form on the right sidebar or use a fake email account and write us at Thanks!

If you want to help us click here: How to support SonyAlphaRumors.. Thanks again!

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unkown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

October 15, 2010
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(SR3) Is that the new Sony Alpha 77 design???

One of our readers (Thanks!) sent us a new patent about a Transmissive Display that can shifts from the non-transparent state into the transparent state by voltage application (Click here to see the patent). Is that Display a Hybrid solution like the one see inside the Fuji X100?
The interesting part is the camera body showed in the PDF (Click here). It layout looks completely different with current SONY DSLR body. A year ago we found the patent of the SLT cameras with the new camera design. So is Sony once again showing us a design of a future REAL camera? The design is clearly different than the current SLT translucent cameras! Take a look at the patent and let me know what you believe about the camera design…

Via Freepatentsonine

October 12, 2010
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Rumors from “Nico” :)

Many of our readers sent us emails with the latest rumor found on a dutch forum. The administrator (“Nico”) posted a list of new rumors. He also copied the SonyAlphaRumors ranking to classify the rumors: NR= Nicorumors instead of our SR= Sonyrumors :)

These are his rumors (we used the google translation tool):
NR4: The 500 f/4 will be launched in April 2011
NR3: A new “budget” full-frame Alpha
NR5: The 16 Mp EXMOR HD “gives” 30% less noise than the 12MP sensor of the Alpha 700
NR5: The new Alpha 77 sensor gets a completely new APS-C Exmor HD with more than 16 MegaPixels
NR5: The beta version of the Alpha 77 is ready for a large series of field tests
NR5: A major European delegation in Japan will negotiate a Sony version of the Minolta 300mm f/4, Minolta and Minolta 200 f/2.8 200mm Macro.
NR5: The trigger problems in the A55/33 via a firmware update solved
NR5: The Alpha 77 gets a new, more powerful, battery on board
NR5: Newly developed full-frame Alpha’s getting an Electronic Viewfinder
NR2: In five years, the OVF will be past

We can’t confirm or deny any of these rumors because we are waiting to get latest info from our sources. As soon as we have our SR5 rumors we will post it here.

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unkown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!


October 7, 2010
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(SR5) Sony mirrorless product announcement on October 12 (Colored NEX cameras or something else?) found a scheduled press release from Sony at SankeiBiz that says that on October 12 at 13:00 Sony will “Unveil a new SLR mirror-less product“. I believe Sony will show the colored Sony NEX-5/NEX-3 cameras. It makes no sense to announce the NEX-7 right AFTER Photokina or not?

Reminder: According to our sources the NEX-7 will be a professional mirrorless camera that will compete against the new Panasonic GH2.


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