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December 7, 2009
Posted in rumors

(SR1) Fake Sony Roadmap

Just for fun: Sony 2010 roadmap! (Remember it is almost certainly a FAKE and purely invented roadmap). But we are a rumor site and we like to dream a little bit ;)

An interesting article appeared in the forum Dyxum.
The last line of this article reads: “Just do not ask me how I found it …”
True or not – time will tell.
So …

CES, Las Vegas, 7-10 January 2010:
Sony will present a new camera A950. Based on the A900, but with 32 new megapixel sensor. No video.
Thus, relatively inexpensive 2 Sony full frame DSLR: A900 price of $ 1500 (recommended 1999 $) and A950

Between 2010 and CES-NAB-2010 will be announced a new 600mm telephoto lens.

NAB, Las Vegas, 10-15 April 2010:
Sony will present A1000. It will be a revolutionary hybrid SLR and vmdeokamery. Ie like RED system is roughly the same in appearance and price. 32 megapixels and HD video.
It is expected the new lens 28-300mm SSM, “shtatnik ideal for cameras and a new hybrid.
Will show the new camera lines A2xx and A3xx (smaller and cheaper ongoing) and new superbyudzhetnaya A150 camera without a system avtofukusirovki (this is something new).

Fotokina, Köln, 8-10 September 2010:
The new camera line A5xx.
A820 – the new budget full frame SLRs. 32 megapixels, plastic carcass, videos, built-in flash. The recommended price of $ 1500.

CES 2011:
Replacing the A950.

Interesting note.
Too beautiful, something to be true. Especially troubling time with accurate prices. And this in an unpredictable crisis:).
And PMA 2010 is missing.

December 3, 2009
Posted in rumors

(SR4) And now even Sony Netherland doesn’t show the Sony Alpha 700 anymore on his website!


Take a look here: Where is the Sony A700 gone? Now it is a “vorige model” (previous model)!

Thanks Pieter for sending the link!

Bild 6


Sony UK just updated their website and listed the A700 as “previous model”.

December 3, 2009
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More news about Sony sensor developments…

Tomoyuki Suzuki, Senior Vice-President, Sony, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan said that:

“…Recently, a 10M pixel CMOS image sensor with high image quality, providing more than 70dB dynamic range, and high-speed read-out of 576M pixels/s (10M pixels at 50 frames/s) has been developed. This sensor can also be operated in a 6M pixel mode at 60 frames/s with a 16:9 aspect
ratio. This imager has been realized using two important technologies: the column ADC, and the back-illuminated structure.

…In the future, the performance of the digital camera is expected to improve tremendously with the evolution of the CMOS image sensor. There are many “key milestones” in this evolution, such as “3D”, “4K×2K”, “global shutter”, and so on.”

source: image-sensor

December 2, 2009
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(SR4) Now even Sony says the A700 is a “previous model”

Bild 3

Sony UK just updated their website and listed the A700 as “previous model”. Expect the Sony A700 successor to be unveiled in Q1!

December 2, 2009
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(SR2) New Sony Zeiss lenses to be announced soon?

The rumor comes from a dpreview forum user. He says he had a smalltalk with a Sony REP and the guy told him that there will be a new Zeiss 200mm and Sony 400, 500, and/or 600 lenses. This kind of rumor is normally not reliable!

December 1, 2009
Posted in rumors

(SR4) The Sony A700 successor will have…

Editors note: This is a rumor site. We have no affiliation to Sony! We collect rumors from the web and from our sources. Rumors sometimes become real and sometimes not. If you only want to get real and certain news please visit the official Sony website. Every rumor we post has a ranking value. In this case the rumor has the “SR4” value because we received it from a trusted source. This source has been right in the past (but it doesn’t mean he knows everything!) and will hopefully be right with the A700 successor rumor.

The rumor:

SonyAphaRumors learned that the A700 successor (the A800?) which is probably going to be unveiled in Q1 2010 should have following features:

1) Pellix (or pellicle) mirror explains very well what a pellicle mirror is: “ An SLR reflex mirror which is partially transparent and does not move.

One of the advantages of traditional moving-mirror SLR cameras is that the photographer can look through the viewfinder and see what the actual taking lens is seeing. The primary disadvantage is mirror blackout – when the mirror has flipped up to expose the film then nothing can be seen through the viewfinder. Mirror blackout, though brief at high shutter speeds, can nonetheless be a problem for sports and other action photography.

Cameras with pellicle mirrors have fixed half-silvered mirrors that both direct light to the viewfinder and to the film surface. They therefore eliminate mirror blackout whilst preserving the advantages of an SLR. They are also much quieter, as there are no mirror slap sounds or blur-inducing vibrations caused by mirror motion. Pellicle mirror cameras can also shoot almost instantly – unlike most SLRs there’s no lag time resulting from having to move the mirror out of the way. This rapid-fire capability also permits faster film transport mechanisms in some cases.

Pellicle mirror cameras have two drawbacks. First, the mirror must be kept scrupulously clean because light passes through it to the film surface. Second, because some of the light is being diverted up to the viewfinder there’s less light available to the film. Pellicle mirrors typically cost 2/3 stop of light and the viewfinder is also a bit dimmer.

A pellicle is a membrane or a thin film and refers in this case to the very thin reflective coating on the mirror.”

There are many film-cameras which do use the Pellicle Mirror. An example is the Canon EOS RT, the

and the


2) shoots ten frames a second

3) It also has an electronic view finder

4) 1920×1080 video (no details yet about frame rate and compression type but the video quality will easily beat the quality of Nikon/Canon cameras)

5) full af in 1920×1080 video

SonyAlphaRumors speculation: This could be one of the main advantages with the use of a pellicle mirror. The Phase Autofocus System works during video-recording?

6) takes SD cards.

That’s all we know for now! We have been promised to receive more details as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us at

Have a nice day!

The SonyAlphaRumors Team.

November 29, 2009
Posted in rumors

UPDATED: Sony Alpha 700 successor news coming…


IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!: The Sony A700 successor rumor has been published here

SonyAlphaRumors finally has got first details about the Sony Alpha 700 successor. Do not expect images or full spec list. Just few very awesome details!

– This is going to be one of our rumors, there is no official Sony news or event on December 1!
– This is the first and last time we will pre-announce a rumor. After Tuesday we will post a rumor as soon as we have one.
– Regarding the wrong November 18 rumor read this post: “More news about the rumored GH1 Sony competitor…“.

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