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May 5, 2010
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(SR4) NEX cameras will come in four colors

I just received a minor but reliable rumor. According to our trusted sources the NEX5 and NEX3 cameras will come in four colors:


Unlike the cameras the lenses are supposed to be sold in the silver-chrome version only. Imagine, blue body and silver lens…doesn’t seem to match!

May 3, 2010
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Sony NEX vs MicroFourThirds size comparison compared the size between the NEX and the GF1 / E-PL1 / E-P2 cameras!
Anyway keep in mind that the NEX images are not real images. But this guys are usually good in “recreating” the camera design based on leaks and rumors. Well done!


May 3, 2010
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(SR5) More NEX leaks…

A Sonyalpharumors reader just sent us following pictures. I don’t know where he found them but they tell us more about the NEX features.
Click on the picture to enlarge!

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May 2, 2010
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(SR4) New entry level Alpha (DSLR) to be announced in June-July

According to many different sources Sony is not only ready to launch the new NEX mirrorless cameras. Two new entry level Alphas will be announced in June-July. One model should be the A290 the other model the A390(?). According to one source the cameras will not use the enw EXmor HD sensor.
The Sony Alpha A230 and the Sony Alpha A380 have been announced in May 2009.

April 29, 2010
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(SR3) Mirrorless price in Korea

Just received a tip from a known source:

mirrorless camera’s price range in korea:
– (NEX3+lens) 600,000 (Korea won, $540)
– (NEX5+lens) 700,000 (korea won, $610)

the lens can be the 18-55mm or the 16mm lens (your choice!)

As I told you that’s cheaper than Micro Four Thirds cameras!

April 29, 2010
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(SR3) Small rumors: NEX autofocus speed and fps

I have been asked by many of you to try to get some info about the autofocus speed. I asked around and the answer I got is that the contrast autofocus is very fast. At least as fast as the Panasonic GH1 / GF1 autofocus. But we will have to wait until the official NEX release to be sure of that.
Another question was how many frames per second both cameras do have.
A first rumor I recieved says that the NEX3 will have 5fps and the NEX5 7fps. But I still need to doublecheck that news.


April 27, 2010
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(SR3) Chinese store leaks the NEX3 and NEX5 camera specs

We have to be very careful when we talk about leaks coming form China. But that one seems to be more reliable than others. The chinese store posted the Sony NEX3 and Sony NEX5 cameras. The only real news is that NEX cameras will use the “FW50 Special lithium battery

Effective pixels:14,000,000
Sensitivity: ISO200-12800
AF Sensor: 11
Display scale: 3 inch
Video shoot: 1080p format
Body type: Single Lens electronic viewfinder
Manual operation: Full manual support
Sensor type: APS-C CMOS
Battery Type: FW50 Special lithium battery
Memory card type: SDHC Cards / MS Memory Stick
Flash Type: External
Focusing aids: Parameter correcting focus assist lamp
Support hotshoe: Yes
Data Interface: USB2.0
Pixel and class: 920,000-pixel LCD screen
Lens Description: Sony E series lens mount

Is almost the same camera but with following difference:
Video shoot: 720p format

Someone can confirm us if the specs are correct?