August 23, 2010
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New 35mm f/1.7 E-mount lens from SLRmagic


SLRmagic just launched a new 35mm f/1.7 lens with E-mount. This lens works without adapter and has been designed for NEX cameras. SLRmagic sent a presentation text to mirrorlessrumors:

There are not much lenses in the NEX E-mount so far. We have a 35mm f1.7 lens that sell pretty well in m4/3 mount. We occasionally receive emails requesting for e-mount version of the lens. It is now available for pre-order and ships by Sept 10th. We will have 100pcs initially and offer free shipping as well. Cost just under $100. Hope there will be others interested in this lens. Our lens is optimized for NEX so there is no vignette in the photos and does not need cropping. Click here to check the lens auction on eBay

Some image samples (click on those thumbnails to enlarge the image):

More images on eBay!


August 22, 2010
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(SR5) More small info about the A55 and A33!


1) 15 point AF sensors, 3 cross type, 1200 segment metering

2) The A55 and A33 do have a 100-12800 ISO range. And it can go up to 25.600 ISO combined with the Multi Frame NR function! In Auto setting the iso range goes from 100 to1600 ISO.

3) Sony redesigned the shutter unit which now is more compact.

4) Compared to the Sony A550 the body is almost 2cm less height! This is possible due the more simple Translucent construction (and the new EVF).

5) The A33 weights 430gramm and the A55 440gramm

REMINDER: Tomorrow Sony will announce the cameras….follow us! We will give you every update, every news, every preview we can find!

August 22, 2010
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(SR3) New SAL-18-250mm with SAM leaked?


UPDATED: We have some troubles about the picture and we don’t know if the image is correct or not.
According to an anonymous sender the current Sony 18-250mm lens is going to be updated with the SAL-18-250 SAM lens (see picture above)!

P.S.: SAM lenses have autofocus motors built into the lens.

Thanks to the anonymous sender!

August 21, 2010
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Sony NEX-VG10 reviews and preorders roundup!


Sony NEX-VG10 AVCHD E-Mount Lens Camcorder

Luminous Landscape tested the camera and explained why it has a “fake” 60i: “in brief, what’s going on is that the AVCHD standard doesn’t include 30P, but it does include 60i. Most Sony’s AVCHD cameras (including the VG10) capture 30P, but make it appear to other devices as 60i. Most non-linear editors, such as Final Cut, figure this out by themselves, and when you check the Info screen will confirm that the footage is 30P.“.
Luminous Landscape also talked about the missing 24p feature: “I asked the question of why 24P is missing of Sony’s marketing people and didn’t get a satisfactory answer. No Sony camcorders below their pro and semi-pro models have 24P. Many prosumer cameras from Canon, Panasonic and others do offer 24P, so it seems that this is simply a market segmentation strategy on Sony’s part. High-end cameras get it, lower end cameras don’t. Which means that in Sony’s marketing mind the VG10 is a low-end camera.

A Sony NEX-VG10 First Look Review has been posted at Digitalcamerareview and at Sonyinsider.

Alister Chpaman tested the NEX-VG10 and makes RAW files available for download! He is also sure that “this camera will be popular with those that are seeking the filmic look.”

Click on the shop name to preorder the Sony NEX-VG10:
Amazon US
Amazon Dutschland

August 21, 2010
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(SR5) The translucent tecnology advantage explained by Sony!


Our sources sent us a list of advantage of having a translucent tecnology. Apparently those are the arguments Sony will use to promote their A33 and A55 cameras!

1) There is no moveable mirror and you can take a picture in less than 0.1 sec!
2) World’s first Phase detection during FullHD video recording!
3) High FPS (10 frames per second).
4) No Mirror blackouts (Fulltime Liveview!).
5) Enables a more compact design. The Translucent cameras do weight 25% less than the current Sony A550. And the size is reduced by over 20%!

Let me add one more advantage: No more “clap” noise because of the mirror!

August 21, 2010
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Is the Sony-Nikon sensor partnership dead?


Unlike the first dpreview statement it seems that Nikon didn’t use the NEX sensor for the new new D3100!

Read what Nikon-guru Thom Hogan wrote yesterday:

One curious aspect of the D3100 is the sensor. “Nikon developed” appears in the marketing materials, and the sensor is indeed not the same one as in the Sony NEX5 (as originally speculated) in several key ways, one of which is physical size, the other pixel count. The Nikon 14mp sensor has slightly more pixel count in a slightly smaller area than the Sony. Indeed, the area is no longer what I’d call DX. The D5000, D90, and D300 have a sensor area of 23.6 x 15.8 (28.4 diagonal), while the D3100 has a sensor area of 23.1 x 15.4 (27.8 diagonal). This represents a loss of about 2% in image circle coverage needed. We’re now at 1.55x crop as opposed to the old 1.52x. It’s an unusual change, but the bottom line is that the Nikon and Sony 14mp sensors are indeed different in important ways. But I’ll repeat: the proof is in the pudding. We need to test the new sensor on live subjects before making any useful pronouncements about it.

Update: I’ve now heard even more details about the D3100 sensor and from a few sources closer to Nikon Japan. It does indeed appear that Nikon has moved to producing their own sensors. They may be licensing or cooperating on some of the underlying technologies, but it appears that Nikon has decided that Nikon DSLRs will in the future have Nikon-controlled and Nikon-exclusive sensors. That they haven’t chosen to make a bigger deal of this is strange. And some parts of Nikon appear not to have gotten the memo on this, as I’ve seen quotes from Nikon personnel in some subsidiaries that say “Sony sensor.

Will you buy the new A6300?

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August 20, 2010
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Translucent vs mirrorless size comparisons (made by our readers)


The NEX-5, A33 and A390 comparison made by

Some SonyAlphaRumors reader made very nice size comparisons (many thanks!). Click on picture to enlarge.

Made by Shinkadesign

Made by Alex: Panasonic GF1 vs Samsung NX10 vs Sony A33 vs Panasonic G2 vs Olympus E-P1

MAde by RDK: Samsung NX10 vs Panasonic G2 vs Sony A33


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