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Sony rumors roundup


I noticed that many people missed some of our recent Sony rumors. Those rumors have been exclusively posted on SonyAlphaRumors during the last 30 days:

All future Zeiss lenses will be fullframe (3-4 new Zeiss lenses within 18 months!)
Sony A77 coming mid 2011 and with a completely new 24 Megapixel sensor!
Is that the new Sony Alpha 77 design???
2011 is the year for Sony professionists!
Sony A77 with two semi-transparent mirrors?

A reminder for all our readers:
1) I do not invent any rumor. So don’t blame on me if sometimes I have no rumors to post. I preferr to not post anything than post fake rumors. And if it is possible I try to double check the rumors I do receive. As you can imagine not everyone is sending me correct info.
2) I am doing the work on that website all alone. There are days I do not post anything because I am busy at work or with my family.
3) As written inside the “About us” presentation we talk about Sony digital camera news, rumors and reviews. This includes the DSLR, SLT and NEX cameras (NEX cameras do have the Alpha logo and do work with Alpha mount lenses via adapter).
4) We try to understand the future development of Sony products and technologies. That’s why sometimes we pickup news from different product categories like camcorders, cellular-phone or even competition. We believe some of those news could influence the Sony product development strategy.

Thanks for your understanding!


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