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(SR5) This is it folks: Sony will have a BIG announcement on July 17: At least one “mass camera” and 2-3 new lenses!


I am now 99,999% sure that on July 17 Sony will have a very BIG product announcement day. I got confirmation that the invited press have been told that they can post hands-on reviews of these products the very same day of the event.

Moreover, I have learned that this is a much bigger event than the previous 200-600mm and 600mm FE lens announcement. There will be definitely at LEAST one new camera and a new lens (the 35mm f/1.8 FE). But there could be more because we know Sony registered three camera codes in Asia (2 E-mount and 1 Cybershot).

These are the camera(s) we could get:
70% chance to see a new mass market camera (not a top high-end model). This could be the A6500 successor, or a new A5 entry-level camera.
70% chance to get a new Cybershot/RX camera. What this is I don’t know.
20% chance to get the new A9II. It’s more likely to be on market by end 2019 or early 2020.
5% chance to get the new A7sIII. This camera is likely to be introduced in autumn
1% chance to get a new A9r…I only got one anonymous source saying Sony was considering to launch it…let’s see :)

These are the lenses we could get:
99% chance to get the new 35mm f/1.8 FE
70% If Sony announces the new A6500 successor…than I have been told 1-2 APS-C E-mount lenses will be announced too!
30% chance to get a new 100mm (or 105mm) f/1.4 GM (this lens has been patented by Sony)
20% chance to get Sony’s first f/1.2 FE GM lens (Sony managers officially said f/1.2 would make sense)
10% chance to get a new 21mm f/1.4 FE GM lens
1% chance to get the new 500mm f/4.0 GM (this lens has been patented by Sony but it’s likely to NOT be announced this year)

One more thing:
There will be a livestream of the event!

Spread the gospel on the web!

Sigma Reminder:
Sigma FE lens announcement will happen on July 11 at 9am London time! 35mm f/1.2 45mm f/2.8 and 14-24mm f/2.8 FE lens coming!


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