(SR4) Tomorrow Sony will not present a DSLR but something else?

Since 10 days we know Sony will make some kind of announcement on November 18. We asked our sources if they know something more. The original source which told us that there will be a new Sony camera didn’t answer our latest mails. In the meanwhile another trusted source told us that Sony will not present a new DSLR tomorrow. The “business solution” Sony will unveil tomorrow could be a new videocamera or a new camera roadmap.

Stay tuned!

(SR5) November 18th Sony’s presentation about broadcast solution

The November 18 announcement is real! Sony is going to present a new “broadcast solution”. (japanese)

Our source were right with his “November 18 announcement rumor“. So is he also right when the says that Sony is going to present a Panasonic GH1 competitor? “broadcast solution” doesn’t sound like Sony is going to announce a mirrorless digital video/photo hybrid camera.

Thanks MNZ for sending the link!

(SR1) First fake Sony mirrorless camera image!


That’s a fake Sony 4/3 camera! Source:

We also found some specs:

14.2-megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor
Lens mount type lens, the Sony R
, Interchangeable lenses: 16mm, 35mm, 60mm
1GB internal memory, media, Memory Stick PRO Duo, SD / SDHC
, Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec (JPEG at 25 frames, RAW at 10 frames)
1920 × 1080 30fps AF, the video can
In-body image stabilization,
Anti-dust sensor-shift,
Dot 3 million, 92-inch LCD monitor
The expression · AF contrast, 11 points
Shutter Speed 30-1/4000
Built-in flash, GN10
• Weight 420g (battery included)

(SR4) Sony November 18 rumor…

Dear readers,

we had a second small talk with our trusted source. He again confirms that a new camera will be announced next week. And certainly it will not be the Sony Alpha 750 or whatever. The Sony 700 successor is planned for next year.

The rumored camera will be a completely new one. It will be the first movie and still camera from Sony!

Other sources can’t confirm this rumor. Could be that he received false informations? Improbable, but he promised me to tell me more in few days!

(SR2) Sony

A dpreview user wrote following text: “I found that the Sony RAW file (ARW and SF2) Exif metadata includes a camera model code, stored as the Sony makernotes tag 0xb001. You can read this tag using applications like ExifTool or PhotoMe. The (decimal) codes are as follows:

2 = DSC-R1
256 = DSLR-A100
257 = DSLR-A900
258 = DSLR-A700
259 = DSLR-A200
260 = DSLR-A350
261 = DSLR-A300
263 = DSLR-A380
264 = DSLR-A330
265 = DSLR-A230
269 = DSLR-A850
[??? = DSLR-A500 Files not examined] 273 = DSLR-A550

The “holes” in the list suggest that six (or seven, depending on the unknown A500 code) additional cameras have at least reached the stage in which they get their own code.”

(SR4) UPDATED -> Sony will launch a new camera on November 18!

SonyAlphaRumors has got an important information from one of our most trusted sources. Sony is ready to launch a new camera on November 18! The camera will have the new (4/3 ?) exmor sensor and Full HD video recording. With the camera Sony wants to compete against the Panasonic GH1.

UPDATE: The only thing we know is that Sony will launch a direct GH1 competitor on mid November. This will be the first Sony camera with Video recording! We do not know if the camera will be the first model of a mirrorless system. We are working to get more infos!

UPDATE2: Most of the mystery is given by the “4/3” sign. We don’t know if it means that:
1) Sony will become a strong competitor of the Panasonic GH1 camera (which has a 4/3 sensor)
2) Sony will use a 4/3 sensor but with a proprietary mount
3) Sony will join the MicroFourThirds system

Option 1 is the more realistic answer.

Keep following us in the next days.

UPDATE: We downgraded the rumor from SR5 to SR4. We heard the source again and he still confirms the rumor. Anyway we thought we should only give SR5 value when we have a real proove (image or whatever).


(SR3) Sony A750 Rumor Update

Neutralday claims to know the specs of the Fullframe Sony Alpha 750!

-High quality in 35mm full size image sensor with 14.6 effective megapixels
-Column-Parallel A/D Conversion method -Column-Parallel A / D Conversion method
-Ultra high speed digital output (12 digital channel parallel LVDS output) -Ultra high speed digital output (12 digital channel parallel LVDS output)
-12bit-AD converter on chip -12bit-AD converter on chip
-Multiples readout modes -Multiples readout modes
-Scan mode 15.2 frames/s (12bit) -Scan mode 15.2 frames / s (12bit)
-Window readout -Window readout
-Diagonal width 43.3mm (type 2.7) -Diagonal width 43.3mm (type 2.7)
-Total pixels 4752 (H) x 3213 (V) approx. 15.26M pixels -Total pixels 4752 (H) x 3213 (V) approx. 15.26M pixels
-Effective pixels 4692 (H) x 3115 (V) approx. 14.61M pixels -Effective pixels 4692 (H) x 3115 (V) approx. 14.61M pixels
-Active pexels 4661 (H) x 3096 (V) approx. 14.43M pixels -Active pexels 4661 (H) x 3096 (V) approx. 14.43M pixels
-Chip size 41mm (H) x 31.9mm (V) -Chip size 41mm (H) x 31.9mm (V)
-Unit cell size 7.91μm (H) x 7.91 μm (V) -Unit cell size 7.91μm (H) x 7.91 μm (V)

Price: $1400-1800

They recieved this specs from an anyonmous sender. So take it for what it is…a rumor only!