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Possible Sony/Sigma/Tamron product release roadmap speculation: Compact Camera first, telephoto lenses and than A7sIII and A7IV


Based on the rumors let me speculate a possible camera and lens release timing roadmap:


  • 100% sure there will be a new compact camera. It’s unclear if this will be a new action camera or the new RX10V or RX1III (article here).
  • 70% likely we might get a new tele photo lens. I heard of a couple of tele lenses that are on the roadmap but I am uncertain which one will come first. Maybe the new 300mm f/2.8 GM? (article here).
  • Sigma might launch the new 70-200mm f/2.8 (80% reliable – article here).
  • I heard about “something bigger” around March. It could be the A7IV but I will try to remain to be conservative and put the A7IV release timing at Photokina just to play SAFE :)


  • There is a fair 70% chance the Sony A7sIII will be announced at the NAB show. The camera will definitely have 4k60p 10bit 4:2:2 (article here).
  • Sony FE C 16-35mm T/3.1 G and two more Cine FE lenses will be announced at the NAB show.


  • Sony promised it will be display the “latest innovations” at Photokina. The Sony A7IV seems like the perfect camera for this although this camera might be announced earlier at CP+. But I got no evidence so far this will be the case and therefore remains my pure speculation. The only wild rumor I got said the A7IV will have a fully articulating screen (article here).
  • I have heard about another “consumer tele” coming this year. I guess it would make sense to launch this lens along the “consumer” A7IV
  • There will be up to six new Tamron FE lenses announced this year. Expect the first ones to be unveiled at Photokina (article here).


  • Historically June/July has always been a good time to announce new RX cameras. New RX100 and/or RX10 models might be coming
  • There will be definitely a new wide angle GM lens.
  • Historically October/November have been good months for new FE camera released. So if for some reason the A7IV might not be announced at Photokina it’s likely it will be announced in autumn
  • Expect some current FE lenses to be updated (24-70mm f/2.8 GM for example)
  • Third party: Venus Optics will launch a f/0,95 FE lens, Sigma will launch more FE zooms (tele zooms?). Of course some more Tamron FE lenses (mostly primes)


  • We didn’t get many surprises from Sony the past couple of years. What would be a surprise for me? Well: Sony A7000 (with EVF in the center), Sony medium format camera (fixed lens), Sony A5 (sub $999 Full Frame with A6000 alike compact styling)
  • Sony said they are considering making f/1.2 fast autofocus lenses. It would make sense for example to make a 50mm f/1.2 GM lens (article here).

While the camera and lenses mentioned in this post are based on rumors the timing is mostly purely speculative. Keep this in mind when I will be wrong on some of my speculations :)  If I get some “timing rumors” I will update this roadmap and mention clearly what is “speculation” and what is “rumor”

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