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Rumor recap: Sony A7sIII, Tamron and Rumiere lenses


Time for a rumor recap:

Sony Cameras:
RUMOR: Sony A7sIII might have 4k120p and a cooling vent (70% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: Sony 8k sensors and new codec specification (90% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: Quad Bayer FF sensors from Sony (90% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: FX6 camcorder will  be announced in early 2020. Basically an FX9 but with SDXC cards and XAVC-L only (90% reliable – article here).

Sony Lenses and accessories:
FACT:  Sony’s GP-VPT2BT shooting grip with Bluetooth remote control function has been registered in Asia (article here).
FACT: Sony said f/1.2 FE lenses are a possibility (article here).
PATENT: Sony patented new 100mm f/1.4 and 500mm f/4.0 lenses (article here and article here).

Third party lenses:
RUMOR: Yongnuo will also announce new 35mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2.0 and one 24-70mm FE lens this year! (90% reliable – article here)
FACT: Tamron said they have SIX more FE Lenses on their roadmap (article here).
FACT: Rumiere APO 75mm f/0.95 FE lens coming (article here).
FACT: Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 E-mount lens to be announced soon (article here).

TWO more things:
PATENT: Sony patented a new drone camera (article here).

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