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June 25, 2012
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Two FF cameras within the next 12 months. One to be named A88 and one A99?


Let’s start within the new week with a small rumors. As I already told you there will be one FF SLT camera at Photokina (specs you already know) and another High End Model within the first half of 2013. A new source just told me that one camera will be named A88 (veyr likely the A850 successor and “cheap” FF model) and another will be the A99 (very likely the A900 successor and “high” end model).

This is just to say that the final name of the coming 24 Megapixel model may be A88 instead of A99. I am still not sure. I hope my sources can confirm this soon. Keep in mind that Sony itself once said that there will be a A9x SLT Full Frame this year.

Anyway, we are just talking about the names here. I am trying to figure out how the High End Model could be. Early rumors suggested it would use the same Nikon D800 sensor and a built-in vertical grip. Question is if such a high end model makes sense. I mean, the pro market is pretty conservative and dominated by Nikon and Canon. You will need a huge effort to convince pro’s to switch the system! What do you think? Does it make sense?

Sony A850 at AmazonAdoramaB&HJ&ReBay.
Sony A900 at AmazonAdoramaB&HJ&ReBay.

June 25, 2012
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SAR back online (some comments lost)

We had a pretty much severe issue. The disk of SAR was actually full and it caused a sever damage to the database. There were also two other issues with the backups and combine all that and the result is a very bad day :)

Anyway, I am no re inserting the articles I posted on SAR. I have to do it manually. But your comments form the last months will be lost. Really sorry, but this now convinced me one more time that SAR has to become a stable and standalone website.

This means that for the next 24 hours I may not post any news as I really have to use every free time for this. Meantime sources may send me some rumors baout the A88 and A99 to cheer me up :)

June 23, 2012
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Will Sony buy a 10% Stake from Olympus?

Reuters (via Nikkei) reports that “Olympus is in final talks with Sony to get a roughly 50 billion yen capital injection in return for a stake“. Sony’s main interest is the medical business but of course this could also have an influence on Olympus mirrorless camera strategy. Anyway, those kind of rumors are floating around for months now and we still haven’t anything official…yet.

June 20, 2012
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(SR4) Lens codes leaked: New 55-300mm and updated 300mm lens coming?

For a short moment the Sony Service website listed new codes for new Alpha mount lenses. They quickly removed the codes but Matthias from the German Minolta Forum was able to copy the text.

There are two new lenses:
SAL55-300 (yes: -300)
And a new version of the current SAL300-2.8G (here at Amazon).

Other already available lenses got a new “UC” suffix which probably means “Ultra Clean” (Click on name to see the current lens at Amazon):
SAL-50F14 UC
SAL-100M28 UC
SAL-135F28 UC
SAL-1870 UC
SAL-18200 UC
SAL-70200G UC
SAL-75300 UC

From the past experience that those kind of leaks are very reliable. I heard of an updated SAL-70200G coming at Photokina so there is a fair chance Sony may update all the other mentioned lenses too!

June 18, 2012
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(SR4) Sony is working on the release of two different 50mm Alpha lenses.

The past months I got different rumors about a new 50mm prime. Some sources said it’s a Zeiss, some a Sony, some said it’s f/1.2 and some said it’s f/1.4. I was puzzling a lot until I got it why the rumors were not matching. These are actually two different lenses! One is the already mentioned (on SAR) 50mm f/1.2 Zeiss SSM lens that should arrive along the A99. Another is the updated version of the current 50mm f/1.4 SAL lens. I don’t know when the last one is goint to be announced. I am still waiting before to upgrade this rumor to the “SR5″ level. I want to get some feedback from my very top sources. So be patient until I can give you some further details.

P.S.: What’s SR5 is that there will be more than one new Full Frame Alpha Lens in September (about time!).

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

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