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April 22, 2014
Posted in rumors

Glimps of a new digital photography revolution: New Lytro Illum camera announced!

The day will come, you will forget about what the word “autfocus” means. And looking at the newly announced Lytro Illum camera ( we will certainly not have to wait for a very long time! Unlike anything else you have seen before this camera has a 1 inch Light Field sensor. Which means it captures ALL the Light from all angles. You don’t have to focus at all because everything is “in focus”! You can add out of focus blur effect in post production if you want. That’s it. It is also simultaneously a 2D and 3D camera. You can change the perspective (to a certain degree) in post production too!

Just play with the image sample below. As you can see you can do quite a lot in post production:

And I am pretty sure Sony is working on a camera like that too…would you like an A7 or A6000 camera with such a sensor? Me yes!

UPDATE: There is a great interview at This is an interesting line:

This is the future. Not the Illum, necessarily, though it’s one of the more exciting cameras I’ve seen in a while. Maybe not even Lytro, though it’s built a huge lead in its nascent industry. But light-field photography — the notion that the future is about turning the complex physical parts of a camera into software and algorithms, that capturing beautiful photos is little more than a data-crunching problem — seems almost obvious. Why capture one photo, from one angle, with one perspective, when we could capture everything? When I can explore a photo, zooming and panning and focusing and shifting, why would I ever want to just look at it?

The dead of classic photography?

April 22, 2014
Posted in rumors

(SR2) Sony RX2 with 35mm f/1.8 Zeiss and curved sensor to be announced in Summer?


Well, almost two months ago when an anonymous source told me Sony would release a half a million ISO camera I didn’t believe him and missed to report about it on SAR. I guess I have to post more SR2 ranked rumors in future because as I learned some of them actually become truth :)

So here is one of these SR2 rumors I received in these days:

I received some information directly from Sony that the RX2 with curved sensor will likely be released this summer

As you know Sony patented such a sensor for a Full Frame camera and they also patented the 35mm f/1.8 lens designed specifically for a curved sensor camera:

So I guess this is more than just an “impossible” rumor. This would become the worldwide first consumer digital camera with such a sensor! The benefits are equal sharpness across the Full Frame. Something you don’t get with any lens yet. The lens ould be also become much more compact.

So question:

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

April 21, 2014
Posted in rumors

A77II, RX200, Sony 20mm, FE lens and Mitakon 50mm rumor roundup.

Short roundup of rumors about the things to come from Sony:

To be announced around May 1-2. Is an evolution (not revolution) of the current A77. New 24MP sensor, terrific AF speed and improved EVF (article here).

Sony 20mm:
Some stores reported it “on clearance”. Could be that Sony will announce an updated version soon (article here).

RX200 will become superfast at the tele end with a new 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens (article here).

Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 Full Frame E-mount:
Costs $799 and will ship in mid May. Full specs can be read here.

FE lenses:
14 FE lenses within 2014. Including the new manual Zeiss lenses. I am still not sure if the first new lenses will be announced in May 1-2 along the A77II announcement (article here).

April 21, 2014
Posted in rumors

Samyang says they have issues with Sony to add autofocus on E-mount lenses.

What you see here on top is the teaser launched by Samyang Europe on Facebook. Most rumor sites write they will annnounce their first autofocus lenses. But the truth is that this will NOT happen any time soon. And in an interview from Samyang with Dicahub they said they are having issues with Sony to add autofocus on E-mount lenses. This is the inetresting part of the interview:

Q(=DicaHub): are you working on AF lenses?
A(=Samyang Optics rep.): we aren’t working on AF lenses.

Q: Is it difficult to work on AF lenses of open mounts like Micro Four-thirds or E mounts?
A: Open mounts like E mount also open only basic informations, so we need more discussion to develop AF lenses. In this case such issues weren’t solved also.

Q: What lenses will you announce on April 28th?
A: We are preparing cine lenses and other stuff also. (note: I don’t remember whether he said other stuff or stuffs.)

In summary:
– It is true Samyang Optics had discussed with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Micro Four-Thirds.
– They aren’t working on AF lenses because there are some issues like licensing, even about open mounts.
– They want to support A contact.

Following lenses are expected to be announced at April 28th:
– Cine lenses(not lens!) → 2 or more. The cine version of 7.5mm F3.5 Fish-eye MFT lenses could be announced.
– Other stuff or stuffs → 1 or more. The lens supporting A contact for Canon could be announced.

April 20, 2014
Posted in rumors

Next (bogus?) A7s pricing: Preorders in Sweden for 2200 Euro.

As usual we don’t know if that price is final or not but in Sweden you can preorder the Sony A7s for 2200 Euro (Click here).

A7s Preorder or pure notification store links:
USA: Sony USAmazon and BHphoto.
Europe:  Sony DE, UK, ES, FR, IT, NL, SE, FI, PL.
Asia: Digitalrev

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